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Buy Buy Biz is a Web Design and E-Commerce firm owned by Bipasa Majumdar (Proprietor) and licenced as an establishment under Krishnanagar Municipality, West Bengal.

schoolWB::OSMS is developed, designed, managed, marketed and owned by Buy Buy Biz.

Buy Buy Biz develops web based application software and E-Commerce Software.

About schoolWB::OSMS

schoolWB::OSMS is designed to fulfil some specific criteria:

1. Ease of Access: The targeted end users are mostly school teachers of different ages. So, descriptive hints, error messages and menu systems are applied.

2. Minimum Input: It is designed in such a manner that single information need not be entered more than once. Once entered, it will be available everywhere for further use.

3. Reduce Error: Extensive Error Handling and cross-checking is introduced so that typos can be minimised. Re-use of information also reduces the chance of wrong input.

4. Enhanced Security: Encryption, strong password, different user level, system generated message on data input/ edit - are a few of the security measures those are applied.

5. Great Reliability: All the features are tested extensively before implementation to reduce chances of unexpected results.

6. Real Time: Everything those are added or edited, get updated instantly and all users use most recent information. Important matters are e-mailed by System automatically.

7. Anywhere Anytime: All valid users can access the System 24x7 from any device that support web browser and connects to internet.

8. Filter by criteria: Any report always ready. Just apply the desired search criteria and the matched result will be available instantly.

9. Economy: Pay less and gain more.

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